Virtual Healing Playground

For All

Take care of your mental health creatively with us


Your feelings are valid.

Sometimes difficult issues and emotions sneak up on us in our lives. 

We do not believe that mental healthcare is only for “some” people, 

but for all of us, for a better tomorrow. 

At Nolitr, we cultivate your inner resilience and creativity, 

and offer connection with others as a form of self-care. 

We bring the principle of art therapy, infused with design technology 

so anyone can learn and enjoy taking care of their own mental health


We want to help people

  • to be in touch with their resilience and creativity for healthy minds, and be part of a supportive community.

  • to practice self-care for a healthier and happier life. 

Play with Noli-bot

Our Chatbot, Noli-bot, will guide you to self-initiate your own healing journey: therapeutic art activities, mindfulness practice, distress tolerance skills.

You name it! Nolitr got your back :)


Create your Story

Drawing, Painting, Collage, Writing, Photography …

Any form of self-expression is welcomed!
We also have savvy design tech and journal templates to dazzle your amazing story!
Tap into your creativity and listen to your inner voice. Awesomeness is right there in you!

Heal with Us

Did you do any self-care today? Post and share your healing process with us! 
Do you feel like you are the only one feeling this way?

No worries. We will connect you with kindred spirits that understand what you are going through. 


+ Self-care scheduler


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