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Saebyul Ryu 

Healing director

Saebyul Ryu is an art therapist, artist, and educator. Her work advocates for accessible mental health care and art therapy for all and fights against stigma against mental health issues. She opened “Nadaun Healing Playground” in South Korea, a hybrid of a cafe, open art studio, and counseling practice, which became a trendy, shame-free place for healing. She trained at multiple psychiatric hospitals and addiction treatment centers in Boston, MA including Mclean hospital. She also has been invited for 3 years at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, introducing Clinical art therapy and its use for self-care for FM residents and their patients. She studied fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from Lesley University with MA in mental health counseling with a specialization in art therapy.

Johae  Song  
Creative director

Johae Song is a product designer and a creative entrepreneur who makes technology accessible to all including those with physical/mental challenges. She has a friend, an ALS warrior who inspired her to build technology for people who need it most. This is how she co-founded Lulu, a smart hands-free assistive communication app for people with speech impairment. For technical evaluation and usability study, she collaborated with Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children Hospital, ALS association, and Department of Veterans Affairs in MA. 

Johae obtained MS in design technology at Harvard University and BArch. from the Cooper Union.